The Elders Symposium


Gathering elders together from all walks of life, paths and backgrounds to share their wisdom, experience and important messages. In modern times, the place of the elder has been largely forgotten. This one day event opens space to highlight the importance of honoring these members in our communities and hear them speak.

Find and talk to the elders at their vendor space, continue the conversation, peruse their books, goods and learn more about their offerings, workshops and work.

Light lunch and refreshments available for purchase during the event.

This event is outside held in covered spaces, rain or shine, dress for temperature and the weather.

Schedule of the event

10-11AM – Welcome, meet and greet, opening ceremony

11AM – Self Management In Turbulent Environments, with Andrew Salkeld

11:30AM – What is an Elder?, with Lisa Nanni

12PM – Navigating Your Path to the Future, with Alani Galbraith 

12:30PM – Watching Fields Grow Into Forest, with Robbie Hanna Anderman

1PM – Shapeshifting and the Power of Transformation, with Tim Yearington

1:30PM – Initiation into Indigenous culture of Canada, with Luce Belanger

2PM – Gathering Wisdom, Warnings & Teachings, with Dr. Ian Prattis

2:30PM – The Good Darkness, with Maureen Walton-Obrien

3PM – Rest and Reflect

4PM – Concert with Robbie Anderman – various flutes and dulcimer

5:30PM – Nourishing Community Potluck

Bring a dish, salad, dessert, drink etc and your own personal dining ware. Dishwashing area available for clean up.


Tickets in 3 categories according to need

Suggested $90

Financial Support Appreciated $63

Abundant and Sharing It $111

(Please note tickets are non-refundable and are transferable)

Volunteer opportunities available, email:



Santainaii Earth Based Healing Centre

166 Ch. Himmelman, Ladysmith (Thorne), QC, J0X 2A0

(Google Map suggestion: same location as “Bhakti in the Woods”)


The Good Darkness, with Maureen Walton-Obrien
Long hidden are the inner powers of the Womb – as important in daily use as the heart and brain. The Dark Womb is designed for much more than creating babies. It holds no karma, and is pure source. We can strengthen our connection to the Cosmic Soul nature by engaging these natural Heart to Womb technologies. Rediscovered in the Andes, this global system originates from pre-contact. Maureen will shed light on some of her discoveries, including the art of parthenogenesis – the process of reproduction from an ovum without fertilization by sperm. Join Maureen as she helps us to understand how strengthening our Cosmic Soul nature at this time as a key to navigating all that is before us.

Maureen Walton-Obrien – Director & Owner of Wyldwood Sojourn Retreats, Visual Artist, Storyteller and Guide. n 2008 while working as a visual artist painting murals in schools, Maureen was asked by the FN to visually interpret their Creation Story as well as their 6 Nations Confederacy of Peace story. Stepping into the honour, she discovered that these stories held clues to the Womb arts. So began her search to uncover greater depths of the women’s mysteries, leading her to the Inca of the Andes. Maureen’s recently published book, The Good Darkness, discloses the pre-contact wisdom of women’s systems of self-conceiving, and of reaching enlightenment or super consciousness. You can learn more about Maureen and her books, upcoming courses, retreats, and gatherings at

What is an Elder?, with Lisa Nanni
When asked to partake in the Elders Symposium, Lisa felt quite honoured to be asked to speak at an Elder’s conference. That was certainly a first for her. So she started to ask big questions. What makes one an elder? What wisdom do they carry? What role do they have in their community? Isn’t everyone an elder? Exploring these questions and working with our individual and collective roles in our communities, she will draw from her practices – Eden Energy Medicine and Avalonian craft – to help us experience the movement of energy while connecting to something far larger than we are. Join Lisa as she energetically weaves together reflections, song, and power in presence.

Lisa Nanni – Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. Fully embracing her crone years, Lisa is doing exactly what she has always wanted. Being a full-time Eden Energy Medicine Advanced practitioner, her days are spent helping people step into their health, power and purpose. For over 35 years as an educator, she has been tuning in to the energy patterns of possibility and potential and sharing these through teaching. In addition to her healing practice, she offers a variety of classes and workshops to empowering others to better understand their own energy, and to know how to work with it to increase their health, vitality, quality of life, and potential future. You can find out more Lisa and her sessions, classes and workshops at

Shapeshifting and the Power of Transformation, with Tim Yearington
There is much to learn from the mysterious Loup Garou – the Werewolf – and Tim will share a traditional Métis voyageur perspective about shapeshifing. Through observing the natural world around us, we see that change is inherent, and that animals embrace change in order to adapt. The wisdom of embracing change in life empowers us spiritually, and helps us transform in a medicinal way for our personal healing journey and community well-being. Journeys begin where spirits meet! Join Tim as he shares the wise traditional teachings, revealing how change and transformation in our human world improves life on Earth in positive ways.

Tim Yearington – Métis Wisdom Keeper. Adopted as a baby, Tim has led a life-long quest to discover his Indigenous identity and roots. With a spirit name as Grey Thunderbird Man, he is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario, with his ancestral regions being the Ottawa River Valley and the Mattawa River area. Previously Tim worked professionally as a cultural and spiritual advisor for Correctional Service Canada (Millhaven Max), Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada. As a traditional Métis Wisdom Keeper, he shares cultural and spiritual teachings at high schools, colleges, universities and government organizations. A passionate Métis man with a wealth of lived experience and traditional knowledge from the land, Tim is an artist, a published author, an enlightening storyteller, and a powerful public speaker. You can learn more about Tim and his books, ceremonies, vision quests and speaking events at

Self Management In Turbulent Environments, with Andrew Salkeld
Come and gather, sit back on your heels, let yourself ponder and reflect, and be prepared to lean in and laugh. Speaking from a personal perspective about being inside war and conflict, as a humourist and with sailor-speak, Andrew will share his elder wisdom on the complexities of being spiritual in work and sex and family. With reflections from a life well lived, he will philosophise and underline spiritual truth in the context of today. Join Andrew as he illustrates the journey with extracts from his writing and poetry.

Andrew Salkeld – Crisis & Counselling through Metaphysics, Meditation & Spiritual Philosophy. Mystical and spiritual since birth, Andrew is a family man of love, humour, and passion. As an environmental activist since the 1970’s, he has also been a worldly man and international business leader, having lived in 10 countries and worked in 50. Although Andrew is British, he still calls Canada home. A writer at heart, he has also been a lifelong student of Religion and Philosophy. He has trained in both Kripalu and Agama Yoga as a student and teacher. Now, widowed, Andrew provides Crisis & Life Counselling through Metaphysics, Meditation and Spiritual Philosophy. You can learn more about Andrew and his courses at .

Initiation into Indigenous culture of Canada, with Luce Belanger
Come and learn about the Indigenous ways! Learn how to connect with yourselves and all the life that surrounds you. Luce will be offering smudging, and sharing knowledge about the Medicine Wheel with all its hidden wisdom. Join the sharing with Luce, and feel the strengthening of connection to yourself with the world around you.

Luce Bélanger – Knowledge Keeper. A Métis-Algonquin woman born in La Tuque, Quebec, Luce was appointed ambassador for this city in 1998. For many years she has been leading discussion circles, various traditional Aboriginal ceremonies and continues to follow the teachings of Aboriginal Elders from different parts of the world. She offers opening prayers during meetings of the different ministries, and sings during formal meetings such as: opening at the Recognition Awards of Deputy Ministers at the Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, the opening for the Aboriginal Culture Awareness Week of the Department of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs at the request of the Committee on the Advancement of Aboriginal Jobs in the Federal Government (CANE). Her company offers training and consulting in connection with ancestral traditions. You can connect with Luce and learn more at

Gathering Wisdom, Warnings & Teachings, with Dr. Ian Prattis
Ian has sculpted an overview of what is happening to climate emergency. Presented in Four Phases, he’ll offer his perspective on: the broken world and climate emergency, the need for compassion, Indigenous Wisdom and what is needed to care for our future. LOST. IMPERMANENCE. BITTERSWEET. CARING FOR FUTURE brings in Ancient Wisdom and Orkidstra’s children. Join him as he weaves a perspective towards the future that is both engaging and optimistic.

Ian Prattis – Poet, Global Traveler, Founder of Friends for Peace, Guru, Zen teacher and Spiritual Warrior for planetary care, peace and social justice. Professor Emeritus at Carleton University, Dr. Ian Prattis is the award winning author of 19 critically acclaimed books. He resides in Ottawa, Canada, and encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and Earth are renewed by spontaneous acts of good will. You can find more info about Ian, his books and his work at

Watching Fields Grow Into Forest, with Robbie Hanna Anderman
While busy attending to all of life’s necessities, sometimes, with little conscious awareness, we are quietly observing big changes in our environment. They happen so slowly, we mostly just notice them on reflection. We learn skills, we build relationships, we nourish dreams into reality, we plant seeds and seedling Trees. What gifts do we give? What gifts do we receive? What have we shared? Join Robbie as he reflects and explores the vast richness that comes with witnessing, observing, and sharing in community.

Robbie Hanna Anderman – Visionary, and Off-Grid community co-founder. Robbie left behind a college education and an addiction to allergy shots and pills, and moved to the land amidst the very substances he’d been told he was allergic to. Life and healing happened. He co-founded an off-grid rural intentional community ( in the Upper Ottawa Valley, which still thrives today. Robbie is a husband, father, grandfather, musician, luthier, gardener and orchardist. You can learn more about Robbie and his books at and music at

Navigating Your Path to the Future, with Alani Galbraith
What is your Light Body and why would you want to develop it? How does it contribute to your path to a future you want? Gain insights into the skills that will support your journey into your desired future. Discover time tested methods for developing your awareness and widening your perceptions. Learn about the lineage empowerment techniques used to enhance the development of the Light Body, once treasured secrets, now available. When you combine these, the synergy contributes to the development of your Light Body, vitality and Soul growth. Including a brief introduction to the North American lineage teachings of Light, Love and Empowerment.

Alani Galbraith – In 1999, Alani was invited to become a student in the North American authentic mystery school lineage, to train in hermetic magic and healing in one of 7 lineage schools world-wide. Over the years, she became one of the senior teachers, with now 2 decades plus of in-depth training in Light Body, consciousness healing and spiritual evolution of the human soul. Alani weaves her eclectic interests and deep training through her new project, Quintessence Collaborative. The project is a land-based developing place in the Lanark Highlands, designed to allow participants to connect deeply with self and nature, explore food diversity, and receive training, empowerments and healing. You can learn more about Alani, her offerings and her project at