Land, Home & Water


Sacred Ceremony for Land, Home and Water

The sacredness of our environment remains intact when we consider all the angles in which humans interact with it, and this is the realm of the shamanic Priestesses work, as all levels of existence are consulted.  There are many times when the voice of Creation makes its self heard by way of places, spaces and the waters that flow through them.  In fact, it is always so.  Conflict, turmoil, aggression, peacefulness and love may be perceived or experienced in certain places, spaces, or carried on the waters.  The physical matter of any one place absorbs and transmits the memory of what took place in it, and energetically sensitive individuals can sense it.  The ley lines of a place or home can have influence over what transpires within that environment, and are considered by the wise, during any interaction with the environment.  Sometimes it is necessary for the Priestess to heal a certain piece of land, home or body of water through the ancient technology of Earth ceremony.  To liberate energies that request their freedom.  For some spaces it comes as a clearing, blessing or a request of consultation from other realms or levels of existence present.


Ceremony for the land can come in many forms and for many reasons.  Ceremonies for building new homes or businesses, for asking permission to alter the landscape or know where to create on the land, digging a hole, for learning how to work with the natural ley lines (natural invisible energetic grid lines of energy flow) for greater health and healing, for digging a well, or for making a garden.  Essentially, land ceremony is for any interaction with working the land.  From the shamanic Priestess path, Bermalva offers interactive ceremony, considering all the levels of existence within a space.  A blessing ceremony, or clearing ceremony.  Each space of land will announce their requested intentions, and after the ceremony, may be some homework for the land stewards or creative projects relayed to enhance the Light on the land.


The home is one’s personal altar, an expression of the sacredness of Creation via the individual.  There are many sciences and paths that create balance and harmony within the home. and ceremony is another way.  Ceremony for the home is for the creation of harmony and to seek out the source of imbalance that may be present within the building.  It is indicated when; moving into a new home or office, something feels amiss, unexplained happenings reoccur (haunting), when there are strange health concerns ongoing, when children speak of seeing entities (beings) or feeling unsafe, new life passages occur within the home (birth, death, divorce etc),  or seasonally.  Guidance may be given as to the post ceremony care of the building, that may include simple energetic clearings and practices clients can do themselves.


Water carries memory and has been demonstrated to absorb the energies or frequencies of what is around it.  Since water is fluid and flows, it has the opportunity to be in contact with many forms of life, like with a flowing river.  It is also constantly being evaporated and precipitated within the atmosphere, carrying messages, information, data, and has it’s own cleansing effects.  Humans are composed largely of water, thus the same nature and qualities apply, and we have the ability to connect deeply to the water element on Earth, as caretakers and keepers of the waters.  Ceremonies that clear and enhance bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, streams, bogs, swamps, oceans, bays etc. have proved helpful for the environment and beings living near them.  Water ceremonies connect with the keepers of the waters, and through shamanic ceremonial connection, the enhancement is made.  Polluted waters benefit greatly from such ceremonies.  After a water ceremony, clients may receive homework for the upkeep of the waters’ clearing and enhancement.


To investigate if a land, home or water ceremony is indicated for your situation, Bermalva offers a free assessment by phone or online.

  • Ceremonies usually take between 1-2 hours in a session.  Their cost is determined by need, supplies and transportation distance.  An average cost would be between $175-$350 (if driving within a 2.5 hr. radius)


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