The Practice of Dying


About the Course

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An exploratory course on the art and practice of death, hosted by Bermalva.

This course is offered at a distance or in person at the Pontiac Wellness Centre in Shawville, Quebec.

Death is a taboo and rarely explored until put in front of it one way or another. How does one know if they are ready? How does one know how to be present for the death of others? What does death really mean? Why do we fear it? Discover knowledge and practices from yoga and shamanism that give opportunity to live fully and freely in the present moment. Ceremony and ritual honor and validate this sacred sacrament.

Course includes handouts and practices. This is a hands-on course getting to know death, be prepared to move and also times of stillness and meditation.

Investment: $125 – preregistration/payment recommended. Space size limited to 10 participants. Email: for etransfers, please send along an additional email to same address for further details and correspondence.

Bring : your own bag lunch (no microwave onsite), art supplies (blank paper, crayons/colored pencils/markers/pencils etc), wear comfy warm clothing, meditation shawl & blanket, notepad/pens, water bottle.

Although a subject that most would tend not to address, death is just one step in the process that we call life. “It’s as natural to die as it is to be born”. The teachings in this course are invaluable in dealing with the fear, apprehension & uncertainty associated with death and will form an integral part of my thoughts & existence, now & forever.