Light Warrior Bootcamp

4 day Intensive Mystic and Shamanism Retreat

September 9 – 12, 2021

This annual retreat invites emergent spiritual seekers, healers, meditators, magical people, and awakening shamanic and spiritual mystics of the New Earth together for an inspirational healing immersion. For beginners and long-time spiritual seekers alike. A unique retreat meant to upgrade skills and inner infrastructure as a spiritual Light Warrior.  This is time for deep inner reflection, purification, and for the courageous (and those seeking to find their courage).  Each year hosts a new theme and creative explorations of what being a Light Warrior on Earth is all about.

Please note this year’s retreat Starts at 9AM Thursday Sept. 9 – 3PM Sunday Sept. 12

Where and When
Starts 9AM Thursday Sept. 9, ends 3pm Sunday Sept. 12.  Our retreat is located at Santainaii Earth-based Healing Centre, 166 Ch. Himmelman, Ladysmith (Thorne). We will meet at 9AM on Thursday Sept. 9 starting with opening ceremony, please have breakfast at home prior to arrival. Please arrive 15 mins early to orient yourself on the property and figure out sleeping accommodations etc.
Topics and Agenda

Some topics explored during retreat may include, yet are not limited to the following:
– reclaiming the lost art of spiritual warriorhood
– making peace with energetic sensitivity
– Ayurvedically designed diet to expand and balance perception
– forest vision quest -water fasting and prayer/meditation
– shamanic ceremony and teachings
– herbal wisdom/foraging
– specialized daily yoga and meditation
– evening healing circle concert (some years)
– camping included, or bunkhouse accommodations (additional fee) . Locals can go home to sleep if medically necessary.  It is preferred for all to stay onsite for group continuity.
– bodywork may be available throughout retreat
– includes all events, food, drink and classes

A typical day may look like this:
6:00 Morning meditation/yoga practice
8:00 am breakfast
9:00 am to 12 pm am session with Bermalva
12-1:00 pm lunch.
1- 2:30 pm nap/free time/bodywork
2:30-4 pm yoga/meditation
4:00 pm to 6 pm Guest workshop/session with Bermalva
6:00 pm supper
7:00 pm end of the day program/ceremony/concert
*this is an example only, timings and events subject to change

Accommodation and Food

Santainaii is a place in the country that is found to be deeply healing and relaxing.  This is a residential retreat, having the chance to live and sleep away from home, in order to fully detach from regular daily life and immerse yourself into the benefits of the retreat. You are encouraged to bring a tent or trailer to set up on the grounds of the property for private sleeping.  Our shared accommodations are humble and rustic by tent or bunkhouse  (sleeps 5 – 6 additional fee applies). It is best to stay on site at all times during the retreat, as the inner work is best supported by that, however, if there are medical or physical limitations that require you to sleep at your home if you live locally, that is possible – the rate of retreat does not change for you.  There are outside showers and composting toilets available, as well as indoor shower and regular flush toilet.

Bedding and pillows are not provided – do bring your own sleeping bag/blankets, pillows and anything else you might need for sleeping.  If you snore, please indicate this on the registration form.

We have gourmet healing foods at this retreat, provided by our personal cook, Bermalva or group volunteers.  Eating and preparing fresh vegetarian/vegan/omnivore foods over the weekend. Our diet is a particular focus on this retreat and we will experience an Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory diet that supports detox of the organs, cleansing, pain reduction and digestion. Diet will be gluten and dairy free, so if you have any specific dietary needs, be sure to note this on your registration form. All food is being taken care of so no need to take snacks along.  If you must eat between meals, we will have fruit on site, however we will try and avoid snacking, sticking with the principles of Ayurveda.

Upon arrival there will be a sign up sheet for Sevadar tasks (karma yoga). Everyone will be requested to help out (selfless service) in some way over the weekend, mainly in the kitchen, clean up and sanitation.

What to Bring
– Meditation kit (cushion, shawl, yoga mat and a large blanket). The retreat involves several sittings a day in meditation, so bring what you think you need to make you comfortable. If you are not used to sitting in meditation, seats are available. Warm blankets/shawls for cool outdoor morning meditations
– Comfortable clothes, warm and cool clothing for fluctuating temperatures.
– Bring a notepad, blank paper, pens, pencils and colored markers/colored pencils
– Your water bottle. We have a beautiful and bountiful amount of spring water. We encourage you during the retreat to drink plenty of water. There will be healthful drinks and elixirs provided as well.
– All toiletries, towels, face cloths and items needed for hygiene
– swimsuit for lake swim (weather permitting)
– any herbs, vitamins or medications your require
– Yoga mat, blocks or props you need
– sunscreen/natural bug spray
– rain gear and work/gardening gloves
– bedding, blankets, pillows for sleeping (bring flat sheets as bed sizing varies)
– if tenting/trailer, all tent/camping supplies, tarp, tent pegs etc.
– remaining payment for registration in cash or cheque
Pre-Retreat Preparations

Mornings will be taken together in silence. As you wake, refrain from conversations until after our breakfast and yoga/meditation session. This will give rise to deeper healing and rest.
If you are going home to sleep, prepare your family at home for your return in the evenings, as it will be best to stay contained, and in silence or minimal speaking/interactions. Please do not plan activities outside of the retreat while you are at home in the mornings or evenings, it can distract from the healing we are immersing in, and will dissipate your energy. We will stay contained together.
Vision Quest Prep: A vision quest is a fasting experience in solitude, in this case, it will be within the forest over either a 6-24hr. period (depending on health and experience) in a group. Retreaters will experience a deeply healing period of water fasting and ceremony, led by Bermalva. To prepare mentally and physically, it is recommended to experience a half day fast (waking until lunch time on water only) or full day fast (waking until supper or bedtime on water only) at least ONCE before attending the retreat. That way there are no surprises, and you will have contact with the sensations.
In the week leading up to your retreat, try your best to be mindful of the foods and drinks you are consuming, limiting or eliminating junk foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. This will help your body and mind to be ready for retreat and have an easy transition. Please note there will be no coffee or caffeinated tea served. It is best to wean yourself off of caffeine prior to retreat to reduce risk of headache/migraine.

Massage and body work with will be offered by our holistic therapists on certain days of the retreat. This can greatly help the process of letting go within retreat and cleansing.  Various forms of massage and bodywork are offered by our talented practitioners.   Book your appointment separately, contacts and instructions will be given upon registration.  Cost varies according to treatment and practitioner. Treatment cost is NOT included in the registration fee.
Investment and Registration

$175 min. – $375 max – sliding scale. Tenting is included in this price.

$50 – in doors bunkhouse accommodation, includes tax (can accommodate 3 people during COVID restrictions)

Max. 10 people for this retreat

Includes food, drinks, classes and teachings, space for camping, access to outside composting toilets and showers and indoor shower/flush toilet.

*SEVA Place – one spot is held in every retreat where one individual is offered a spot at NO COST, due to disease, health concern, in real need yet unable due to financial restraints (spot avail only if room).
Bring your own, blankets, sleeping bag, pillows, extra blankets, shawls, outside weather-pertinent gear, boots, umbrellas, natural bug repellent, work gloves etc.) For tenting; tent, tarp, sleeping mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, flashlights and all the necessary equipment for tenting in rain or sun. Access to main house for electricity, flush toilets and drinking water.

Registration for the retreat is considered complete when the deposit of $50 and filled in registration form received, due at least two weeks prior to retreat start.

Registration is complete when

1.) $50 deposit is sent

2.) Registration form below is filled out

I have enjoyed my retreat enormously. Bermalva is a true Master that guided me to come back to myself, with her support, guidance, care and with so much dedication and love. I recommend this retreat to the seeker who would like to explore, find peace and evaluate on a spiritual level. TFR
The Light Warrior Bootcamp was in total alignment with my spirits calling. The 5 day Retreat was the perfect length to connect and dive deeper into the subtleties of life. The discussions and practices brought forth the practical application and true experience needed to awaken. It created a fertile ground for me to embody and transform whats left of the old paradigm and shift in to what I know to be true. I very much look forward to more gatherings at Santainaii. LB