Private Healing Intensives

Live-In Healing Intensive

This form of self-healing is that of complete immersion at Santainaii.  The seeker spends time, either a few days, weekend, or week at Santainaii for indepth healing, cleansing, learning and inner reconstruction.  A choice of those looking for more depth, insight and perspective in their lives.  Can be helpful for those looking to heal themselves naturally who are:

  • living with a disease or diagnosis
  • experiencing burn-out or in need of nervous system recovery
  • would like to heal mild to intermediate depression and anxiety
  • menstrual flow healing from dysfunction
  • postpartum healing for mothers, babes-in-arms welcome
  • infertility or difficulty with conception
  • interested in the “hands-on” approach to self-healing
  • feeling like out of sync with Life, disconnected
  • feel called to heal themselves from the within

During the immersion, the seeker is contained by the healing energies of Santainaii and supported daily with a specific routine, food, herbs, activities, ceremonies, bodywork/shamanic work that best suits the needs.  This is an opportunity to tune in to the wise woman within.  Often an initial detoxification is recommended before, during or after the live-in.  An initial interview is a pre-requisite to attending in person.

Each live-in is a case by case journey, respectful of abilities and willingness. Accommodations are onsite in the Red Tent Chalet or by tent if preferred.  All meals, herbs and dietary considerations included. Bodywork and shamanic sessions are included and are offered under the discretion of Bermalva.  Transportation to and from Santainaii for out of town seekers from nearest airport (Ottawa)/train station (Ottawa)/bus station (Ottawa/Gatineau/Shawville) is provided at a minimal fee.

“Working with Bermalva has helped me find my blind spots. Her nourishing connected energy helped me ground and center. I enjoyed my stay in the bunkhouse and the food was delightful. I highly recommend working with her.”  – BW

*Please note live in intensives are only offered during the months of May to October, inclusive.

Cost by day, 8am – 8pm is $325.00 CDN

Cost by weekend, Friday evening to Sunday evening is $675.00 CDN

Cost for one week, seven days, is $1850.00 CDN