Practical Awakening Course

Practical Awakening Course

The starting place for deeper understanding, stability, connection and balance.

The Practical Awakening Course, created by Berdhanya Swami Tierra, offers a pathway to establishing a meaningful spiritual daily practice – meditation.  This tried and trusted course has been taken by hundreds of individuals across the globe with tangible results.  It is for the seeker or Priestess who would like to establish a daily meditation practice that provides stability and reassurance in life’s ever fluctuating flow.  It will benefit the new comer and the experienced meditator alike.  The course utilizes many ancient technologies and techniques available to modern seekers.

Bermalva teaches this course in 2 hour classes, once a week for six weeks.  It is offered twice a year, or when the need arises.  It can be taken in person or via skype.  She is currently in training with teaching this groundbreaking course and since she is still learning, offers this course with special discounts in the first year of offering it!

Have a group in your area that could benefit? Find out how it can be set up!

Next session starts October 7 – 6-8pm, 2019 – for 6 weeks

2 hours per class x 6 weeks = 12 hours of teaching/instruction.  Includes handouts and links.

Investment: $225 CDN – in-training discount! Regular cost $275

Course is free to re-take for former students

50% discount ($112.50) for those enrolled in the Mystic Living Program.

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