Earth Foundations Course

Earth Foundations Course

The Practice of Being

This is the basic course to begin the journey of realization of the Self. The starting place for deeper understanding, stability, connection and balance.

Understanding Earth

Learn about the elemental nature of your Earthly existence within the context of how to keep balance and ease in daily life. Exploration through the science of Ayurveda and yoga offer lasting guidance.

Inner Growth

This course provides a platform on which to grow and evolve. It is a new beginning, a new direction and immersion. This course is an answer to the question about commitment to your chosen path. An answer to the call of commitment. Commitment to the subtle inner world that supports and upholds you.

Who can take it?

When the time arises to invest in a daily meditation practice, the key ingredients are; dedication, commitment and sincerity. If you have this, the course is for you!

A Solid Foundation

The Earth Foundation Course, created by Bermalva, offers a pathway to establishing a meaningful spiritual daily practice – meditation. This important step for seekers is rooted in tried and tested technologies with tangible results. It is for the seeker who would like to establish a daily meditation practice that provides stability and reassurance in life’s ever fluctuating flow. It will benefit the new comer and the experienced meditator alike. The course utilizes many ancient technologies and techniques available to modern seekers.

This course is taught in 2 hour classes, once a week for six weeks. It can be taken in person or online platforms. This course is a prerequisite for taking retreats and deeper immersions at Santainaii. All levels of abilities and experience welcome.

Course is free to re-take for former students.

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For 6 weeks of course

2 hours per class x 6 weeks = 12 hours of teaching/instruction.  Includes handouts, audio files and links.

Investment:  $275

$50 deposit required to hold your spot

Course is free to re-take for former students

*This course is a prerequisite for retreats and other immersions at Santainaii

This course is included in the curriculum/tuition for those enrolled in the Mystic Living Program.

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