Ceremony and Rites

Ceremony and Rites

A ceremony is an embodied proclamation and reaffirmation that All of Life is sacred.  Ceremonies, rites and rituals help establish a connection to the movements of Life to the human.  Ceremony and rites provide a pathway to assure, ground and deepen a sense of commitment to the naturally sacred, holy and divine aspects.  The nature of the human is to forget and separate from All of Life and ceremony is a perfect reminder of our true inseparability.  The link to sacred ceremony is lost in many cultures, or overtaken by the domain of religion.  The shamanic Priestess path teaches this lost art and offers ceremony and rites to the various passages of time, passages of Life cycles, and new frontiers.  Honoring Earth and all her inhabitants equally.

Sacred ceremonies and rites are appropriate for:

  • births, welcoming the newly born, blessing ways and family integration
  • life transitions
  • new beginnings and endings
  • life changes such as divorce, separation and loss
  • seasonal changes
  • new businesses/projects
  • marriages, anniversaries
  • deaths, rites of passage for the dying and for the care of the dead
  • grief and loss of loved ones
  • new career
  • graduations
  • birthdays
  • letting something go, moving forward
  • 120th day of pregnancy, mother honoring
  • beginning of moontime (menses) for young women
  • life stage changes, retirement, etc.
  • inner restructuring

Ceremonies and rites are living things and unique to each individual and situation.  Bermalva uses many forms of Earth-based ceremony and ritual to anchor sacredness within the passing of time in the lives of her clients.  She is well versed in many spiritual backgrounds, and respects the beliefs of others, as her approach is non-dogmatic.  She is available to those seeking deeper meaning and understanding, who seek clarity and connection to the events in their lives.  Ceremony/ritual cost depends on the form, distance, and necessary objects/ingredients.

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