Santainaii Earth-Based Healing Centre

Santainaii (pronounced SAN-TAN-EYE) is the unending flow of consciousness that dances between Earth and Sky – a dance involving all the elements. The offerings at Santainaii cater to those who are awakening as spiritual seekers, shamanic priestesses, shamanic priests, healers, yogis, intuitives and the many other sacred walks of Life.  It is under the name of Santainaii that a clear conscious space for Earth-based healing practices has formed.  Santainaii offers a link or pathway to know oneself as a spiritual being, in relation to Earth-based practices, Self-realization and the healing that naturally occurs as a result.  Santainaii fills a real need in modern times that contributes to the enhancement of Light on Earth.

The marriage of shamanism and yoga dwell here. This unique merging of spiritual technologies includes an ever evolving roster of trainings, workshops, classes, retreats, private live in healing intensives, and transformative community gatherings both onsite at Santainaii’s headquarters in Ladysmith, Quebec (Canada), at the Pontiac Wellness Centre in Shawville, Quebec,  and internationally.

Santainaii is 100% off the grid for its electrical needs and fosters the love of the land through permaculture, natural, organic gardening and landscaping.

About the founder

Bermalva Porter is the founder and host of offerings at Santainaii.  She and her network of dedicated teachers and collaborators are the keepers of the frequency of Santainaii.  Bermalva (meaning sacred community keeper) is a shamanic practioner, sacred ecologist, and meditator who has answered the call of Santainaii in hosting and producing the programs offered. The name “Santainaii” came in the form of a song in 2016, and the link to the land and work was made.  She is a visionary, artist, healer and spiritual seeker, living out her purpose under the reassurance and guidance of many spiritual teachers. She has 20+ years experience in facilitating many Earth-based healing technologies, retreats, workshops and wellness modalities.

Originally from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on the East coast of Canada, Bermalva moved to Ottawa and started teaching yoga as a teenager.  She was initiated into yogic life by taking the Sivananda yoga teacher training in Val Morin, Quebec and after meeting a few spiritual and shamanic teachers.  Since then she has taught thousands of classes, workshops and programs in Canada and internationally.  She is also a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, and Massage Therapist/Healer in private practice in Shawville, Quebec, where she is founder of the Pontiac Wellness Centre. Her other areas of specialty are based in North American herbalism, Ayurveda, Permaculture, sacred ecology, living off-grid, multi-media art, music & chant.

After meeting a few musical yogis through her mentor at the time, in 2007, it was decided to create a kirtan chanting group – and The Bhakti Connection was formed. This unique shamanic/yogic style of the chanting concerts, ceremonies, meditations and celebrations echo in the teachings of all the ancient traditions, who has been a fountain of wisdom and evolution for Bermalva her entire life. She and this group put on the Bhakti in the Woods Yoga and Music Festival each August.

Meet our team

Our offerings are supported by wise specialists

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    Polarity therapy, Thai yoga massage and yoga teachings directed towards inner wellness

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