Red Tent Chalet Rental

Red Tent Chalet Rental

In recent years, the Red Tent movement has swept through the world, inviting women to remember a time when daily tasks were left behind during their moontime (menses).  Menstruating women gathered together in the “Red Tent”.  During this time women came together to rest, relax, and care for themselves during the energetic sensitive time of menstruation.  In many wisdom traditions, the moontime is a time for women to regain their strength, stamina and inner nourishment – provided by taking time out of regular life.  This simple act stimulates a greater vitality, health and spiritual well being – as well as heals the Earth herself.

The Red Tent Chalet offers a space to reinstate this precious practice for the health and well being of all.  Living simply, close to nature and in a relaxed way.  Modern culture, work and stress deplete the health of the women, and when a woman works strenuously during her moontime, overtime it can have ill effects on her vitality and fertility.

The Red Tent Chalet is a sacred space open for rental of either individual women or groups (sleeping up to 6-7) who wish to retreat and take time to live simply either during their moontime or at anytime the need arises.

The Red Tent Chalet is open from May 1 to November 1 of each year.  For rental at times outside of these dates will be weather dependent for heating considerations.

The Red Tent Decree:

  • All women herein respect one another
  • All women care for the space and the surrounding environment as sacred space
  • All women may take rest, sleep, relaxation and creative projects within the chalet walls

Rental Options


The chalet will be be available only to groups during the 3 days of full moon, and 3 days of new moon cycle of each month.  Please note that groups of up to 7 individuals may independently rent the chalet – forming a sacred community, meeting new friends and others who respect the wise woman ways.  You may also book the whole chalet for your personal group as well.  Please note if you are booking a personal group of friends, all 7 spots must be booked.  Your spot can be confirmed via Airbnb.  A space in the group lodging option is $35/night.


The Red Tent Chalet can be rented to individuals on all other days outside of the 3 full/new moon days of each month.  This option guarantees that you will have the chalet to yourself as a place of private refuge.  For one individual rental only.  Your spot can be confirmed via Airbnb.  This option is $108/night.

Space and Food

The chalet is small and modest, providing a simple sleeping space for women.  The surrounding outside area, walking paths and fields are open for use, and discussed during check-in.  There are composting toilets and outdoor showers available.  Location of nearby rivers and lakes given by request.

Guests bring their own food to eat during their stay.  A small gas stove top burner is provided for cooking/boiling water.  Simple pots, plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are provided.


Guests provide their own bedding, blankets, sleeping bag, pillows.  The Red Tent Chalet can provide these to guest for an additional fee of $15.  Please indicate this upon booking on Airbnb.

The Red Tent Chalet will be available as of August, 2019 via Airbnb.

(check back here later for more soon!)